Fredo Bang - Big Ape (Album)

Fredo Bang drops his new album, Big Ape. Listing 20 tracks, Fredo Bang’s new LP is now available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms.

2.Gangsta Talk (feat. NLE Choppa)
3.Baw Baw (feat. Sada Baby)
4.Nobody Watching (feat. Tee Grizzley)
5.Famous Crushes
8.Story To Tell
9.Dawg Gone
10.Pray To God
11.Bag Out
12.Lonesome (feat. yoshi)
13.Big Sticks (feat. YNW Melly)
14.What’s Ya Name, What’s Ya Numba
15.Almost Gone (feat. Blvd Quick)
16.Red Light (feat. Mozzy, Celly Ru & One Theezy)
17.Free Melvin
18.Oouuh (feat. Kevin Gates)
19.Lazer Tag
20.Story To Tellng

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