Jade Bird – Jade Bird (Album)

Jade Bird - Jade Bird (Album download)

Jade Bird is here with a new album self titled “Jade Bird“. Available for download and stream, Jade Bird’s latest music project houses 12 tracks. With singles off the record such as “Love Has All Been Done Before”, Uh Huh, I Get No Joy and The Motto, Bird is an artist you can not stop yourself from listening to.

“This album is my experience, direct and undiluted, of the past two years,” Bird explains in her press release. “Every decision I’ve made has culminated into this magical process, just as every word I’ve written has spun into these songs. It changes in style, like most of my music, and tries to dodge boxes and genres but the consistency is me — a young woman really trying to figure it out.

My mum brought me up by herself, pretty much. She had me at the age of 20, and my grandmother was a single mother, too, for most of her life. Watching those women be faced with whatever they were faced with, and to come out on top, gave me no excuse not to be independent and ready for what life would throw at me. You have role models through your life, and the women in my life have survived and thrived.

I’d have been stupid not to have learned from that. As humans, we are undeniably social animals, and therefore interpersonal relationships, particularly romantic ones, are a big part of our lives. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for people to end up entwined in destructives relationships; the craving for that intimate bond is so intense that sometimes you’re blind to the situation.

Listen and download below.

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