Quadeca – Voice Memos (Album)

Quadeca – Voice Memos (Album)

Quadeca – Voice Memos (Album Download)

Quadeca is here with a new album titled Voice Memos. Listing 13 tracks, Quadeca’s new music project is available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms. The Youtube producer/rapper Quadeca’s announced the music project on November 10th, 2018 at the end of his music video for Unusual.

With War and Unusual out and creating a buzz for Quadeca, music fans are looking forward to Voice Memos. He recently showcased himself on the highway making a video for one of the songs on the project. Fully thrilled about his latest creation, Quadeca might just make that splash.

01 Ego Death
02 Imagination
03 A Dream I Can’t Remember (Interlude)
04 Thank You Next (feat. Sad Frosty)
05 The Man on My Left Shoulder
06 Red Dot
07 Uh Huh!
08 Real Thing
09 War! (feat. Dax)
10 Unusual (feat. B. Lou)
11 Rowboat (Interlude)
12 Eyes
13 These Days

While we await the official links, Download his latest.