TR/ST – The Destroyer – 1 (Album)

TR/ST - The Destroyer - 1 (Album)

TR/ST - The Destroyer - 1 (Album)

TR/ST comes through with a new album titled The Destroyer – 1. Available for download and streaming, TR/ST’s latest music project contains 8 tracks. With singles, Colossal, Gone, Unbleached and Grouch released music fans will definitely be looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

“My first two records were put out so close to one another that I think of them as one” said Alfons on the reasoning for the new two part work, “Sonically, it teeters between warmth, melody and exhilaration on one hand, and isolating, industrial hardness on the other.”

“After the first and second record and touring, I was really sort of depleted and I definitely needed to regroup,” the Alfons, who’s based in Los Angeles, tells Billboard. “I think I just knew the process and product of going about whatever I did next was going to have to be different. So the process was really about healing myself and then experimenting with different ideas about what a song I would put out would be.”

Alfons recorded the combined 16 tracks during a variety of sessions, some in Los Angeles, some in a rural, isolated Ontario farmhouse, where he was inspired by “the living plant world around me.” The songs, meanwhile, find him grappling with the wake of frenetic activity around 2012’s TRST and 2014’s Joyland.

“I knew I had material I was excited about, but I had to overcome the sort of cycle of darkness and disconnection in order to get to a place where I was going to feel strong enough to put this (music) out,” explains Alfons, who also worked with regular collaborator Maya Postepski on The Destroyer material. “Now I’m really, really excited about it.”

Alfons plans to play music from both of The Destroyer albums when he begins touring during April, with shows slated for North America and Europe. And even though the last run was arduous, Alfons is looking forward to doing it again. “Yeah, I am very excited,” he says.

1 Colossal
2 Gone
3 Unbleached
4 Bicep
5 Grouch
6 Poorly Coward
7 Control Me
8 Wake With

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