Tydi & Christopher Tin – Collide

Tydi & Christopher Tin - Collide Album download

Tydi & Christopher Tin – Collide Album download

TyDi and Christopher Tin collaborate for this new album titled COLLIDE.

TyDi producer Tyson Illingworth approached Tin with a proposal for just one track, hoping the composer could bring the power of a full orchestra to an unfinished riff he had created. The duo discovered an immediate chemistry with their collaboration, and from there, COLLIDE was born.

“When you watch a film with an intense score, you’re swept away to a different planet,” said Illingworth in a statement. “The atmosphere, emotions, melodies and instruments captivate you. That feeling doesn’t always enter the dance realm. I wanted to capture that magic and bring it to the electronic world.”

The album is certainly something to captivate the attention of both Tin and tyDi’s separate fan bases. Both musicians have noted that they believe their fans would like the genre of music the other musician brings to the album. They similarly believe that both fan bases simply haven’t been exposed to the other type of music (orchestral compositions and electronic dance music respectively).

While this outcome is yet to be seen, the album is certain to captivate listeners thanks to this fearless and unique mix.

Stream the full body of work below


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