Anna Of The North – Leaning On Myself

Anna Of The North - Leaning On Myself

Anna Of The North – Leaning On Myself (mp3 download)

Anna Of The North shares a new song titled ‘Leaning On Myself‘. Anna also came through with the official music video to the record. The visuals are set in the desert, and feature Anna with both angel wings and elf ears.
“I met Noah Lee who directed the video and love his previous work,” she adds. “I’d always wanted to have elf ears and wings…next thing you know it became reality.”

The Scandi-pop artist dazzles on debut album ‘Lovers’, matching an infectious, youthful feel to some supremely talented technical abilities. Taking time out to plot her next move, Anna Of The North has now broken cover with fantastic new single ‘Leaning On Myself’.

Simultaneously more restrained but also more emotionally involving than her debut LP, ‘Leaning On Myself’ seemingly emerged from “one big break down…”
She comments: “I’ve been writing a lot of music the past year. ‘Leaning On Myself’ is one of the songs that came out of it, maybe one of my favourite songs.”
“I remember flying home from the States where we wrote it and I started crying. I kind of realised I’d written the soundtrack of my life one year ago. There was a point in where I went through a lot of shit and I wasn’t feeling very well. I had one big break down where I called my mom and just knew I had to change my ways.”
“I had to cut some people out of my life, people I loved but I knew weren’t really good for me. It was tough. But I’m good now. Every time I listen to this song it takes me back to that moment. It’s fucking sad but also powerful. I’m very grateful for where I am today. In the end you only have yourself, you know, and I guess that’s ok.”

Peep the visuals below and download the song after the cut.

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