Julia Michaels – Jewelry

Julia Michaels – Jewelry song download

Julia Michaels is here with new music titled Jewelry. Her work on the “Fifty Shades Freed” soundtrack is “Heaven,” a sensual, slow-burn ballad recalling a love affair as toxic as it was intoxicating. Though sonically understated compared to its “Fifty Shades” predecessors, “Heaven” showcases Michaels’ vocal range and technically clever songwriting.

Michaels, whose songwriting credits include the likes of Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony, smartly imbues “Heaven” with analogous lyric-sonic motion. “Falling for him was like falling from grace,” she sings on a descending arpeggio, as lyrical “falling” parallels musical descent. Its verse slides down a chromatic scale, whose breaks with major key signature produce a sound as discordant as the love affair in question.


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