Lil Durk – Outta Place

Lil Durk - Outta Place

Lil Durk – Outta Place (mp3 download)

Lil Durk is back with a new song titled Outta Place. Durk follows up his most recent song No Label with a new record to keep music fans thrilled. Durk took inspiration from a story a friend about his own relationship woes for “No Label,” flipping it into a fast-paced and hook-filled airing of grievances, attacking an ungrateful ex, trying to establish new ground rules for their relationship.

Chicago’s Lil Durk has had a busy 2018, leading up to the release of his highly anticipated project Signed to the Streets 3 last month. The rapper left Def Jam earlier in the year, and ever since he’s been eager to prove himself with a number of memorable appearances alongside the formidable Streets 3.

While we await the official links, Download his latest.