Ronny J – Doesn’t Matter

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Ronny J - Doesn't Matter (Song)
Ronny J – Doesn’t Matter (Song download)

Ronny J is here with his Doesn’t Matter record. The Miami-based producer Ronny J has built up a formidable resumé in the past two years—but isn’t yet a household name.

He’s a disrupter, someone who’s fundamentally changed the way popular, youthful rap sounds, but is still in the process of formally being inducted into “the industry.” Right now, Ronny seems to be on the brink of his red-hot local scene and the rap game at large, currently making in-roads and logging studio time with established stars—XXXTentacion, Travis Scott and Chief Keef—who are trying to maintain their status as innovators. This will be the busiest year of his life.

Ronny first made a splash at the start of the decade by lacing Denzel Curry with beats that recall the surfer kid in Apocalypse Now [1979] taking acid just before reaching a besieged U.S. outpost: trippy, but terrifying. Since then, he’s further honed a signature sound that revels in clipping and distortion—two characteristics most producers strive to avoid. The quintessential Ronny J beat basks in unhinged chaos.

His work has provided the perfect springboard for an aggression that’s run through Florida rap’s veins from the Raider Klan days up into the current class of Ski Mask the Slump Gods, Lil Pumps, and Smokepurpps. Now rappers outside of the scene want a piece of it, and Ronny wants to establish himself outside of his production work as a rapper. He has no doubt that both will yield further success.

Listen to Doesn’t Matter by Ronny J below.

Download Ronny J – Doesn’t Matter