Schoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice

Schoolboy Q - Numb Numb Juice

SchoolBoy Q – Numb Numb Juice (mp3 download)

Schoolboy Q shares his new song, Numb Numbe Juice. Available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms, Q has also released the music video to the record. It’s a ridiculously short song, clocking in six seconds shy of the two-minute mark. And it finds Q rapping over a beat full of concussive 808 explosions and rat-tat-tat hi-hats. (The credited producers are Nez & Rio, DJ Fu, and Hykeem Carter.)

Numb Numb Juice” is named after Cali slang for alcohol — E-40 has been using the phrase for decades — but it’s not an ode to hedonism. Instead, it’s a general rage-out full of violent tough talk: “The gun won’t jam, it’s on sight / I might get life, that’s on my life / The four-four-five, the go, green light.”

Peep the visuals below

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