Holland – Neverland (Video)

Holland - Neverland music videoHolland Neverland music videoPop music from Korea continues to grow and its newest act Holland has just released his first single “Neverland” which comes with a music video.

Holland’s “Neverland” is a mellow alt-R&B track that relays the emotions of a man who wants to avoid discrimination and escape to a place where he can love freely.

Holland is the first openly gay K-pop idol to debut, though MRSHLL, an alt-R&B artist, came out before releasing his first music last year, becoming the first Korean singer to begin his career while openly addressing his sexuality. Same-sex love is rarely addressed in K-pop and South Korea’s entertainment industry. Only a handful of celebrities, including the entertainer-entrepreneur Hong Seokcheon and the transgender singer Harisu, are publicly out.

After teasing the single, he caught the attention of many K-pop watchers who have been eager to see more diversity and LGBTQ+ representation in the Korean idol industry. Fans tuned in to see the first publicly out Korean idol debut, and “Neverland” racked up more than 700,000 views within 24 hours of its release. The song also spurred the worldwide trending hashtag #HollandDebutDay on Twitter.

Watch the video below.

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