Moneybagg Yo – Relentless Again (Video)

Moneybagg Yo - Relentless Again (Video)

Moneybagg Yo - Relentless Again (Video)

Moneybagg Yo releases the music video for Relentless Again. The track is a deeply personal journey that Moneybagg takes listeners on as he shares stories of what life was like for him before fame, money, and respect. He raps about people speaking negatively about him because he has a few more dollars in his pockets and for accomplishing things that many said he could never do.

He’s also been making headlines as of late for something other than his art: his romantic relationship with fellow rapper, Megan Thee Stallion. The pair have been showing up on each other’s social media pages and spotted out at events.

Don’t know how I talked ’bout money back when I was poor (How you do that?)
Had to speak it to existence like a magic show (Abracadabra)
Ain’t never been selfish (Never, never)
But I also never had shit (Never again)
In my head, I wasn’t average
Smokin’ lil’ blunts but I never was embarrassed (Skimp)
Never liked to play the game on easy
Like you my attorney, no matter what, you believe me (Trust)
Gettin’ crossed cut deep, internal bleeding (Hurt)
Bad vibes ’round me, I ain’t need them (Nope)
My niggas don’t know this, but sometimes (What?)
I ride low-key with a big iron
I just wanted to feel normal one time (One time)
On life, I’ma go when it’s crunch time (Take off)
Exes in my DM, see them, look, I’m a whole new nigga (Look at me, ho)
But it’s always one bitch who stay down, so I labeled her realer (Trill)

Peep the visuals for Relentless Again below

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