Tyga – Girls Have Fun ft. G-Eazy (Video)

Tyga - Girls Have Fun ft. G-Eazy (Video)

Tyga – Girls Have Fun ft. G-Eazy (Video)

Tyga finally drops the music video for his G-Eazy assisted hit song, Girls Have Fun. It’s another summer fun filled bubbly visual with lists of girls in bikini and the rappers strutting through the mirage of women with swag. The West Coast rapper Tyga wants to know just how bad people want his “Girls Have Fun” music video.

The hip-hop star has teased fans about the new visual with a sneak peek from the shoot. Girls Have Fun” marks Tyga’s second drop of the new year. Less than two weeks ago, he came through with “Floss in the Bank,” featuring production from D.A. Doman.

In an extended chat with DJBooth back in October, Doman—who’s also worked with Tyga on “Taste,” “Dip,” “Do My Dance,” and more—praised Tyga as a “real smart guy” who’s shown growth in his music. Then again, though, he’s made a lot of hits already from the jump. He came in the game with a bunch of big records off his first album.

As for the aforementioned “Taste,” which wasn’t originally designed with Offset in mind, Doman said the track actually came together within a short period of time. “I sent the beat to Tyga and he loved it,” he said. “He texted me the record back, unmixed—I don’t remember how many days or weeks later—and I was in the car back in Chicago at the time on the Southside with my wife. I played it and we were both immediately like, ‘This is a smash!'”

Now we have the visuals for Girls Have Fun below.