Ariana Grande Apologizes To Kanye West For Her Possibly Insensible Joke

Ariana Grande Tenders An Apology to Kanye West: ‘It Was a Joke Which I Understand Now Was Probably Insensitive’

Ariana Grande Apologizes To Kanye West And Calls It A Joke

Kanye West shared his thoughts on Drake, his mental health and his creative process on the social media platform. He then addressed a comment Grande had made regarding his rant on Drake in which she asked the “grown men arguing” to “please behave” in the hours leading up to the drop of her new single “Imagine.”

“I know Ariana said this to be cool and didn’t mean no harm but I don’t like even slightest level of slight commentary from someone I know loves and respects me,” he responded. “you know I got love for you but until you’re ready to really make sure everyone’s ok don’t use me or this moment to promote a song.”

“with all due respect, i don’t need to use anyone to promote anything. period,” she tweeted back. “i was making a comment ab what men were doing at the time vs. women. it was a joke which i understand now was probably insensitive.”