Video: Mampintsha assaults Babes Wodumo

Mampintsha allegedly assaulted Babes Wodumo (Video)

Mampintsha allegedly assaulted Babes Wodumo (Video)

Babes Wodumo was on Instagram Live in the early hours of Monday morning. However, it was not to engage with her fans but to alert people of the alleged physical abuse she was enduring from Mampintsha. At around 1:00 on Monday morning, that side of him would resurface once again. But this time, Babes had already set up the Instagram Live feed and those who were awake bore witness to Mampintsha’s rage.

We will not speculate about what caused the altercation between the two but after a spat of murmurs from Babes, Mampintsha delivered hard blows to her face.

Babes, somehow found a way out of the room they were in, grabbed her phone and ran out into the darkness, where the video feed ended shortly thereafter.

Babes and Mampintsha — one-third of Big Nuz — go a long way. The Gqom queen from Durban has always credited her success to Mampintsha.

Their relationship, told from the ‘rags-to-riches’ narrative has always been a fiery one.

In May 2018, Babes went on record to reveal, for the first time, that the Big Nuz artist had been allegedly abusing her. However, shortly thereafter, the two were seen rekindling their romance and all was seemingly forgotten.

The show went on and people somehow were negligent to the fact that Mampintsha, in all respects, had not addressed his abusive, short-tempered side.

Watch below.